We help you take the guesswork out of determining what your hazard impacts are, whether you are designing a new facility, evaluating a new technology, or you just want to quantify how bad an event can be.  We are uniquely positioned to aid you in understanding potential hazards associated with facility operations.  Through our 30+ years of accident investigation, testing programs, research and development, and our professionals’ industry knowledge, there is no company better suited to aid you in defining potential facility hazards than BakerRisk.

+ years
  • Accident Investigation

  • Testing Programs

  • Research & Development

  • Professionals’ Industry Knowledge

Due to our first-hand exposure to accidents, we know the importance of understanding the factors and causes that lead to hazardous events.  We have designed our fully integrated software tools to take these details into account.  We support the continued development of analytical models by leveraging our world-class testing and R&D programs.  Our proprietary software SafeSite3G© is a comprehensive package that is able to characterize what happens in the event of a release (source term modeling), determine the rate of release and how far the material could travel (dispersion), leading to what happens when it ignites (fire or explosion).  Once the impacts of a potential event are determined, SafeSite3G© enables our consequence analyses to go one step further by quantifying the vulnerability of personnel to a given event whether they are indoors (structural response) or outdoors.

While we think that SafeSite3G© is the best comprehensive consequence analysis software, we know there are times where specialized software may be more appropriate.  For these analyses, BakerRisk’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) experts are ready to assist you in defining the key aspects of the analysis and interpretation of the results of the study.  When a model just won’t cut it, our testing team can help you define a customized testing program that supports an understanding of consequence impacts at your facility.

BakerRisk provides a full range of consequence based analyses depending on our clients’ scope of work and desired analysis outcomes.  From screening level analysis to detailed CFD modeling, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Common consequence analyses desired by our clients include:
  • Flammable and toxic gas dispersion
  • Thermal radiation exposure
  • Liquid spill and flow distances
  • Vapor cloud explosion
  • Runaway reaction and decomposition modeling
  • Vessel fragmentation and impact
  • Building structural response
  • Structural component damage (windows, doors, key structural elements, etc.)
  • Malicious actions
  • Occupant vulnerabilities for a full range of hazards

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