We combine thorough understanding of how hazards develop with a practical approach on how to resolve risk with Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and world-class process safety software to aid you in providing the right resources for a given hazard. Using the Safety Instrumented Level (SIL) target determination methodology as your policy requires, we support you with SIL verification calculations to confirm the SIL target is achieved and support the development of written specifications and procedures to ensure safety lifecycle compliance. If your site has not already developed a SIS program, we also support the creation of an integrated SIS program using industry best practices.

SIS/SIL Risk Chart

The process industry requires numerous protective systems to prevent incidents like fire, explosion, or toxic releases that can cause fatalities and/or monetary losses. As such, SIS have been used for many years to reduce risk in the process industries. If instrumentation is to be effectively used for Safety Instrument Functions (SIF), it is essential that this instrumentation achieves a certain minimum set of standards and performance levels.

The Standards IEC 61508, 61511 and ANSI/ISA-61511-1-2018 (formerly known as ANSI/ISA-84.00.01-2004) introduced requirements that have shaped the design, selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of instrumented safety systems. These standards are based on a SIS Safety Lifecycle and are designed to address SIS management from initial concept through decommissioning. The standards require that a performance target be assigned and verified for each SIF, and that this target is quantitative and measurable—generally known as the Safety Integrity Level (SIL).

Safety Instrumented Functions are intended to protect against specific and identifiable hazards such as fires, explosions, toxic releases, or financial losses. BakerRisk offers support for all phases of the safety lifecycle, based on your needs.

  • Maintenance Test Plan Development
  • On-site SIF Validation and Auditing
  • Network Security Assessment (ISA99 and IEC62443)
  • Fire and Gas Detector Mapping (ISA-TR84.00.07)

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