BakerRisk’s Loss Prevention services are structured to review company—and facility—specific design and operational procedures to identify gaps in loss prevention. Our professionals leverage their knowledge of processes and operations to work with your technical team to identify areas for improvement and reduce the likelihood of a major accident. With over 30 years of experience, and armed with a wide array of proprietary quantitative tools, we present results in a clear and concise way that aids your leadership team risks to tolerable levels.



of Experience

BakerRisk provides a range of services and risk assessments to aid in loss prevention:

  • Review of facility response and evacuation plans in the event of an incident such as a fire
  • Review of preventative measures such as fire and gas detection systems, PSV and flare relief design, hazardous area classification, control of ignition sources, and procedural reviews
  • Review of emergency response procedures including operator intervention, isolation capabilities and reliability, mobile and fixed gas and fire response, etc.
  • Firewater system design, system availability analysis, and gap assessment of coverage requirements
  • Many specific, customizable solutions, depending on client needs and requirements
Emergency Response Planning

Facility emergencies require an effective Emergency Response Plan to limit the impact to personnel, assets, business continuity, the environment, and reputation.

Fire and Gas Detection Mapping

Our methodology for placement of fire and gas detectors removes the guesswork by quantitative modeling of consequence and detector interaction in 3D space to optimize detector coverage.

Hazardous Area Classification

BakerRisk has pioneered advanced solutions for HAC studies that produce accurate documentation to easily determine requirements for electrical equipment.

Pressure Relief and Flare Analysis

Drawing upon our knowledge and industry experience, BakerRisk identifies potential deficiencies and recommends improvements for your pressure relief and flaring systems.

Fire Hazard and Mitigation Analysis

A BakerRisk FHMA leverages the strength of qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyze fire hazards and available mitigations.

Fire Protection

Knowledge gained by BakerRisk Professionals through hundreds of plant inspections and surveys underpins our value in identifying economical fire protection, fire response, and loss prevention solutions.

Explosion Protection

Not all explosion threats are external. Let BakerRisk help you understand your internal explosion hazards.

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