Through years of industry and operations experience, BakerRisk professionals understand that a site’s emergency response plan plays a vital role in the successful resolution of an emergency.
We are in the unique position of guiding and supplementing the Emergency Response Planning experience with robust consequence and risk modeling to provide an integrated understanding of hazards, how to mitigate them, and how to respond in the event an incident does occur.

We work with both site and corporate level management to understand how a facility and organization will respond to and recover from an unfortunate event whether it be an industrial accident, natural disaster, or other incident. This is done through a combination of detailed reviews that converge on the best recovery plans available.

In order to properly plan, we start by collecting company and site specific data on key factors, including:
  • the kinds of emergencies a site may experience
  • the potential range of consequences of those events, from typical to “worst case”
  • the roles that site personnel play in the response to an emergency
  • assets and resources that are available to bring about the best resolution to the event
  • limitations to actions or capabilities based on the ultimate goal of keeping people out of harm’s way

From there, BakerRisk works with you to determine the best course of action to mitigate the impacts from emergencies, reduce the consequences or duration of events, determine what response actions should be taken and how they are initiated, how the facility recovers once a safe state has been achieved, and more.

  • Mitigate Impacts
  • Reduce Consequences
  • Determine Actions
  • Facility Recovery
  • And More

Emergency Response Planning is an integrated service offering that consists of a combination of support services.  BakerRisk is uniquely qualified to provide the services required by a company or facility for a given project or goal.

Examples of some of these services include:
  • Identifying credible scenarios for designing emergency response plans through a BakerRisk facility workshop supplemented by team experience and applicable consequence and risk study results
  • Facilitating emergency response training exercises and simulations
  • Auditing of emergency response role assignments, existing plans, and procedures
  • Developing and/or improving existing emergency response plans
  • Training emergency response teams and advising corporate crisis management
  • Reviewing emergency control and isolation systems to ensure safe operation after an incident
  • Designing Shelter-in-Place vs. evacuation procedures for non-critical personnel

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