We have vast experience supporting hazard evaluation and risk mitigation in traditional refining operations and have recently supported our clients in the switch in part or in whole to biofuel production, storage, transportation, and use. In the past three years, we have performed risk analyses for more than 20 global biofuel sites and are in the process of supporting our clients in transitioning their facilities to biofuels. Our experts serve on numerous NFPA (NFPA 68/69, 652, 654) and API (752/753) committees, and coupled with decades of experience in risk management and are uniquely qualified to support the biofuel production and distribution industry.  Contact us today to see how we can help you do the same.

While biofuel production is a growing industry, there is a 20+ year history of fire and explosions with recorded cases of silo, dust, and drier fires and explosions across the globe. Recorded incidents have occurred in solid materials handling and drying all the way to finished products. Liquid and vapor biofuel products have the same process safety challenges as fossil fuels, which means we have the background to help you understand the safety challenges associated with your operations:

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BakerRisk professionals have provided a wide range of safety studies for biofuel operations:

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