We are experts on industry best practice and can lead an organization or a given facility to develop an ideal risk-based process safety compliance program.  Regulatory compliance is a good practice, but does not guarantee good process safety performance or avoidance of major incidents. Industry best practice suggests that achieving high process safety performance goes beyond compliance.  A facility’s operational risk varies depending on a number of elements that must work together cohesively in order to achieve an effective process safety program.   Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) provides a more holistic framework of elements for the next generation of process safety management.  These new elements help to eliminate gaps and inconsistencies that are known contributors to PSM failures.

Risk Based Process Safety audited by BakerRisk

BakerRisk’s two-step approach evaluates the maturity and performance of the existing process safety management system and couples it with a high level risk assessment utilizing our  proprietary software program, Risk Screening Tool©.  Our risk assessments utilize a pre-screening process to determine the main risk contributors at the facility.  The RBPS elements can then be implemented at varying levels of rigor to optimize process safety management performance, efficiency, and effectiveness and to manage the risk exposures.

The CCPS publication, “Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety” organizes the elements into four accident prevention pillars:
  • Commit to Process Safety
    • Process Safety Culture
    • Compliance with Standards
    • Process Safety Competency
    • Workforce Involvement
    • Stakeholder Outreach
  • Manage Risk
    • Operating Procedures
    • Safe-Work Practices
    • Asset Integrity and Reliability
    • Contractor Management
    • Training and Performance Assurance
    • Management of Change
    • Operational Readiness
    • Conduct of Operations
    • Emergency Management
  • Understand Hazards and Risk
    • Process Knowledge Management
    • Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis
  • Learn from Experience
    • Incident Investigation
    • Measurement and Metrics
    • Auditing
    • Management Review and Continuous Improvement

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