We are uniquely qualified to provide testing services that focus on product development, product proof tests, forensic support, and high hazard testing. BakerRisk’s testing staff possesses decades of hands-on experience in analysis, design, and development of solutions to mitigate hazards resulting from catastrophic events.

See our Box Canyon Test Facility’s unique use of Texas ranch land

What Sets Us Apart?

Complete Evaluation

Our analysis and design expertise allows us to evaluate your product or system application before and after each test; this ability to provide guidance throughout all phases of your test programs sets us apart from test facilities that only offer commodity testing services.

Fully Integrated

Our testing is fully integrated into our Blast Effects, Protective Structures, Process Safety, Incident Investigation and Materials teams. All of our test programs are managed by the same professionals who design, analyze, assess, and investigate real-world catastrophic events. Because our testing teams include engineers who have both testing and design experience, we have the unique ability to consult with you on the real world application of your product and systems.

Uniquely Qualified

We are uniquely qualified to handle research focusing on product development, product proof tests, forensic support, or high hazard testing that cannot be accomplished at other test facilities.

Custom Tests

BakerRisk excels at custom tests and research programs. We work with you to define your needs, then design a test program to achieve your goals. Nothing is too big or too small.

BakerRisk offers everything from Lab Scale Metallurgy to Full Scale Structural Response Testing:

  • Metallurgical Failure Analysis
  • Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Flammability Testing
  • Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis
  • Equipment Examination and Testing
  • Laminar Burning Velocity Testing

Two Texas based large scale test facilities for characterizing process hazards:

Vapor Cloud Explosion

Understanding the complex behaviors associated with VCEs is at the core of BakerRisk’s business for over 30 years.

Dispersion and Jet Fire

BakerRisk’s gas and fire dispersion test rigs can be configured with detection and firewater systems to analyze hazard scenarios.

Shock Tube

The BakerRisk shock tube is one of the largest commercially operated shock tubes in the world.

Deflagration Load Generator

The Deflagration Load Generator (DLG) allows for testing of full scale buildings with simulated hydrocarbon VCEs that represent what can occur in a facility.

High Pressure Testing

We conduct high pressure testing to improve on current codes and standards as well as enhance high-pressure hazard prediction methodologies.

High Explosives

By partnering with Intertek, BakerRisk is able to offer cost-effective high explosive testing solutions.

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