Wilfred E. Baker test facility
Wilfred E. Baker test facility

Gas dispersion and jet/pool fire testing is performed at both the Wilfred E. Baker and Box Canyon test facilities depending on the desired test configuration and magnitude. The primary gas dispersion and fire test rig is located at the Wilfred E. Baker test facility and was initially developed to support vapor dispersion and jet fire tests. As clients have discovered the importance of understanding “real” hazard scenario situations, the site capabilities have expanded to handle a range of tests from detector reliability to PHA scenario verification. In addition, the site has a range of firewater mitigation systems to test the effectiveness of water to mitigate different hazard events.

Tests conducted for dispersions and jet/pool fires provide a better understanding of the hazards associated with these events. BakerRisk’s 80'×80' test pad includes the hardware to conduct vapor and liquid discharges to provide a full range of testing capabilities. Our DAC and historian can accommodate 48 I/Os for instrumentation. This allows our test programs to not only support client needs, but also to collect data to verify and refine computer models used for facility siting studies and quantitative risk analyses.

The apparatus can be used for test programs such as:
  • Evaluating the thermal resistivity of structural, process, or instrumentation components
  • Walls, wall treatments, doors, windows, and other structural components
  • Passive and active fire protection
  • Evaluating the performance of gas and fire instrumentation with full scale outdoor events
  • Water deluge for fire and gas mitigation using a 1,000 gpm pump with diesel driver
  • One-off client equipment tests on the 80'×80' pad, such as prototype fired equipment, flow elements, and more.

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