Journal of Failure Analysis & Prevention celebrates 20th anniversary with BakerRisk articles

Dan Benac

BakerRisk conducts failure analysis of components and equipment for various industries.  Failure analyses are performed to understand how something broke, corroded, or failed so that it can be prevented from happening again. BakerRisk’s engineering experts not only conduct investigations, but also contribute to articles on how to investigate those failures. In celebration of their 20th…

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Ammonia-Fertilizer Damage Mechanism and Mitigation Joint Industry Program (JIP)

A guide for Mitigating Damage Mechanisms

Our latest feature in World Fertilizer Magazine, “A guide for mitigating damage mechanisms”, is available for download! This article discusses the Ammonia-Fertilizer Damage Mechanism and Mitigation Joint Industry Program (JIP), recently developed by BakerRisk to help ammonia and fertilizer companies work together to address and mitigate specific equipment damage mechanisms. This JIP leverages current industry…

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Industrial Disasters and What Was Learned from Them

The Lessons Learned from Industrial Disasters The history of human innovation through industry, while remarkable, is not without its pitfalls. Occasionally, progress is marked not by the chiming bells of success but by the thunderous booms of catastrophe. Such is the nature of industrial explosions – devastating, tragic, yet imbued with powerful lessons for the…