BakerRisk featured on cover of Process Safety Progress’ September 2020 Edition

BakerRisk featured on cover of Process Safety Progress September 2020 issue

BakerRisk is proud to be featured on the cover of the September 2020 edition of the Process Safety Progress (PSP) journal! This issue features four BakerRisk articles providing perspective on best practice for consequence and risk-based facility siting studies as well as how they can be refined and leveraged into risk mitigation programs.  To appreciate…

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Industrial Disasters and What Was Learned from Them

The Lessons Learned from Industrial Disasters The history of human innovation through industry, while remarkable, is not without its pitfalls. Occasionally, progress is marked not by the chiming bells of success but by the thunderous booms of catastrophe. Such is the nature of industrial explosions – devastating, tragic, yet imbued with powerful lessons for the…