BakerRisk at the Hazards31 Virtual Conference

We are pleased to sponsor, exhibit, and present at the Hazards31 conference! Visit our booth to see the documents we have available for download, including our papers and presentations! Additionally, our team will be available at our booth to speak with attendees about our presentations and more. Not able to attend this conference? Request presentation…

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Presentations for the 2021 GPA Midstream Convention Pipeline Safety Forum

BakerRisk will present at the 2021 GPA Midstream Convention in support of pipeline safety. We have incorporated our collective experience with pipeline failures and incident investigations, dispersion analysis, fire consequence modeling, field testing, and industry regulations to share guidance that will help reduce the risk of pipeline failures and to properly plan for consequences if…

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Renewable Natural Gas: considerations for the safe design and operation for an innovative process for achieving a sustainable future

The U.S. produces almost 70 million tons of waste each year[1], which, over time, generates biogas with the help of bacteria. Biogas is a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide, and other trace gases and is generally released into the atmosphere. However, waste collection plants are now looking at ways to collect the biogas and refine…

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Release of BakerRisk’s HF Water Mitigation Best Practice

The purpose of this BakerRisk Best Practice is to document general guidance for establishing a highly effective risk mitigation program for building occupants through Hydrofluoric (HF) water mitigation strategies. Recent industry accidents (Torrance, California; Superior, Wisconsin; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Rotterdam, Netherlands) have led to increased awareness and scrutiny of the potential hazards associated with HF…

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What to do after completing the Facility Siting Study

The results of a recently completed facility siting study (FSS) are sitting on your desk – now, what do you do with the information? Join Joshua Bruce-Black as he answers this question in our July webinar, “What to do After Completing the Facility Siting Study.”

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Managing risks with rapid response

Sequence of events showing BakerRisk's rapid response

BakerRisk is known for rapid response and mobilization in the aftermath of an accident, but did you know our professionals provide rapid response support for other situations as well? See how one client recently benefited from this type of service, below. Blast Effects consultant Jasen Falcon was contacted by a longtime client on a Monday…

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Survey Results Now Available on Industry Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

BakerRisk recently surveyed industry organizations on steps they have taken or plan to take to help mitigate workplace hazards during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey results are now available in this update! We appreciate your participation, which captures your strong commitment to timely implementation of preventive actions to protect employees, contractors, and visitors.

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Industrial Disasters and What Was Learned from Them

The Lessons Learned from Industrial Disasters The history of human innovation through industry, while remarkable, is not without its pitfalls. Occasionally, progress is marked not by the chiming bells of success but by the thunderous booms of catastrophe. Such is the nature of industrial explosions – devastating, tragic, yet imbued with powerful lessons for the…