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Michael Moosemiller

published on

April 2024


2 / 3 Series


Creating High-Value PHA Results”, presented by Michael Moosemiller on May 21, 11:00 CST.

Key aspects of a highly effective PHA study are presented below, in order of importance:
1. High-quality and up to date reference documents, such as P&IDs
2. Knowledgeable and open-minded team members
3. Skilled PHA facilitator
4. Established and effective PHA protocols
5. Adequate time

The order above reflects the primary, original intent for performing PHA studies which is to identify measures that protect personnel, minimizes equipment damage, and improves operability.

Covered in this webinar:

  • PHA Method Selection
  • PHA Preparation and Execution
  • Documentation Best Practices
  • PHA for Capital Projects

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