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Joshua Bruce-Black

published on

July 2021

The results of a recently completed facility siting study (FSS) are sitting on your desk – now, what do you do with the information?

Join Joshua Bruce-Black as he answers this question in our July webinar, “What to do After Completing the Facility Siting Study.”  Joshua will discuss how the FSS results can guide you to make informed and cost-effective decisions to reduce risk at your facility.  Joshua will also show how the facility siting study results can be leveraged to support and enhance other facility hazard and risk studies, from PHA / LOPAs to asset damage and business interruption studies.

Key highlights covered in this webinar:

• Review typical outcomes of facility siting studies
• Where to start when prioritizing risk mitigation
• What risk mitigation measures can be considered based on the results
• Examples of how the facility siting study links to other studies at the facility

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