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Gabriel Shelton

published on

August 2022

About the webinar

Batteries and BESS are critical elements of the sustainable energy infrastructure, as they provide the capability to even-out the energy flow from intermittent energy sources. This webinar focuses on safety related considerations for battery production and storage, and methods for failure prevention. Webinar presenter Gabriel Shelton will discuss various aspects of battery failures, the likelihood of failures, and mitigation strategies that can be designed and implemented for battery storage and operating facilities.

Fun fact: this webinar is based on our 6-part white paper series, which is being featured in the September 2022 edition of the Process Safety Progress journal.

Webinar attendees will be eligible to earn free professional development credits, along with a BakerRisk certificate of completion. Join us and be prepared to bring your questions for the live Q&A!

battery on fire

Key highlights covered in this webinar:

  • What can cause battery/BESS failures
  • How often failures occur
  • Mitigation methods to protect against battery fires
  • Consequences of battery failures
  • Considerations for building designs to mitigate against failure consequences
  • Loss impact if failures escalate

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