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Matthew Edel

published on

October 2023

Understanding Hazards

Some common industrial hazards that may warrant containment include high-pressure systems, battery testing operations, and rotating equipment.

Due to the high-pressure nature of pressure vessels in the oil and gas, chemical processing, and refining industries, equipment failure can be of common concern. Failures can result in high-speed projectiles, blast waves from the sudden release of high-pressure gas, hose or pipe whipping, and/or liquid jetting, which can cause significant risks to the safety of nearby personnel, integrity of a facility’s infrastructure, and can interrupt business operations.

In the Lithium-ion battery industry, battery cells can become overheated causing a chemical reaction, so they must first undergo a series of abuse tests. The batteries can potentially ignite or explode, so they are often tested inside containment rooms.

Rotating equipment is used at several types of industrial facilities. Over extended periods of use, they can become susceptible to blade failures, which can result in high-speed projectiles that can cause personnel injuries or infrastructure damage. While most facilities are aware of the need for guards to keep people away from high-speed machines, projectile barricades are not always used but can be easily installed to provide added safety.

While some of these types of industrial hazards pose serious threats, they are not always recognized or properly addressed, which has resulted in preventable incidents that have threatened lives and damaged infrastructure. How can companies mitigate these risks and consequences?

What will be covered in this webinar:

  • An overview of common types of hazards that warrant containment
  • Various mitigation options, including pros and cons for each
  • Safe standoff distances
  • Stick-built barricades or enclosures
  • Commonly used prefabricated barricades and enclosures
  • BakerRisk’s SAFE™ solution

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