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David Wechsler

published on

October 2021

About the webinar.

Hazardous area classification (HAC, formerly electrical area classification) impacts the design and operation of petroleum, chemical processes, and other industrial operations that utilize flammable materials in potentially ignitable atmospheric concentrations in air by requiring ignition source controls. Uncontrolled ignition of in air can result in loss of life, property damage, business interruption, a negative impact on communities, and legal liabilities. There are numerous regulations used in a variety of industries to address hazardous area classification. Not only is it important to select the appropriate code, but the findings of the classification analysis need to be documented. This and more will be discussed in our webinar.

Key highlights covered in this webinar:

  • The main objective of Hazardous Area Classification
  • HAC related standards, codes, and regulations
  • Benefits of a properly performed HAC

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