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Who is BakerRisk?

We’re redefining hazard mitigation.

BakerRisk is an employee-owned consulting firm that specializes in technical risk management solutions. Our team of dedicated scientists and engineers has successfully provided risk management solutions in over 75 countries to industries ranging from oil and gas to manufacturing and agriculture. Through a unique blend of exceptional talents and unparalleled expertise, we consistently deliver top-tier technical risk management solutions that set the benchmark for quality and innovation.

Our Story

From Texas start-up to globally recognized risk management team.


BakerRisk began in 1984 as the retirement venture of Dr. Wilfred Baker. Originally named Wilfred Baker Engineering, Inc. (WBE), the company set out to elevate industry standards, revolutionize explosion analysis, and refine dynamic structural design. Over time, WBE evolved into a globally recognized engineering consultancy, harnessing extensive field experience from distinguished engineers and scientists worldwide.


BakerRisk, as it’s known today, was established in January 2001 with the merger of WBE and Energy & Chemical Risk Consultants (ECRC). ECRC, established in 1989, was a premier independent insurance risk engineering powerhouse, and this merger allowed both companies to seamlessly integrate their portfolio of engineering services, expertise, and resources into one unified entity.


Today, BakerRisk is wholly owned by its employees, thanks to the establishment of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2013. With over 175 experts across eight offices globally in the U.S., U.K., Middle East, and Canada, BakerRisk offers internationally renowned risk management services that prioritize hazard mitigation, personnel and property protection, and regulatory compliance.

Employees number one and two: Wilfred and Isabel Baker
In 1993, the Explosion Research Cooperative was born. Photo shows a 3 ft. square experimental 1/4-scale model shock tube
In 2009, BakerRisk opens Chicago office
Wilfred Baker Engineering's first office location: The Baker's home!
In 1995, the SafeSite software was coming along. Figure shows the SafeSite hazard selection screen
In 2007, BakerRisk opened the Los Angeles office
Hat with the original Wilfred Baker Engineering, Inc. logo on it
In 1995, the WBE large-scale shock tube was in operation. Photo shows the 8 ft. shock tube
In 2013, BakerRisk constructed the Process Safety test rig
The entire company was on-site to help a lending hand with the Marine Corps underwater landmine project at Camp Bullis, 1990
First company field trip to the shock tube in 2003 – and it rained
In 2011, BakerRisk purchased the Box Canyon Test Facility (BCTF); largest acquisition in company history
Successful completion of the underwater test program at Camp Bullis, 1990
Corporate office moved from Crownhill to Oakwell Court in 2000
In 2014, a patent was issued for HACTool©
Moved into the Crownhill office space in 1990
In 2005, BakerRisk's Canada office opened
In 2014, ESOP formally rolled out
Quentin Baker (right) receiving Marine Corps commendation on behalf of WBE
In 2005, BakerRisk's Houston office moved into a new office at 11000 Richmond Avenue
In June 2020, Chris Heaton joins as CEO
In January 1991, Wilfred Baker passed away the day after the final test was completed for the Marine Corps project
In 2007, BakerRisk opened the first UK office
New Cylinder Gas Dispersion Rig, September 2020

Our History

40 years taken one step at a time

From our first Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) opportunity to the Box Canyon Test Facility (BCTF) acquisition in 2015, BakerRisk’s history is rich with milestones that have foundationaly shaped our story. Discover these pivotal achievements and find out how we became the company we are today.

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Our Mission

Identify hazards, evaluate risks, and provide practical life saving solutions.

Through collaborative, client-focused partnerships, BakerRisk prioritizes the management of hazards and risks via high-value services, products, and research that align with our client’s safety needs. Our mission is a culmination of the extensive experience we’ve gained as technical leaders in the industry, and through a commitment to accountability and client stewardship, we focus on seeking solutions that resonate with the pragmatic, adaptable, and considerate approach our clients truly deserve.

Our Culture

Fostering trust through employee-ownership.

We believe employees do their best work when they are not only valued but equitably compensated for the work they do, so at BakerRisk, we are proud to be 100% employee-owned — a reality made possible by the establishment of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2013.

By allowing eligible employees to invest in the company, we ensure the solidity of what we do and foster the pioneering values upon which our organization was initially built. This unique commitment empowers us to craft an unparalleled customer journey to facilitate client success and nurture BakerRisk’s internal growth.

Empower employees

reinforce values

facilitate internal growth

equitable compensation


Our global network.

With eight strategic locations spanning the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Canada, BakerRisk is committed to seamlessly delivering its comprehensive risk management solutions to clients worldwide.

world map showcasing BakerRisk locations
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Join the BakerRisk team.

BakerRisk is proud to employ some of the most talented minds in the industry. From seasoned process safety consultants to skilled structural engineers, our team is dedicated to tackling critical design and operational challenges across a broad spectrum of industries.

Eager to apply? Explore our available job postings today, and continue your career with BakerRisk!