Fire hazard analysis and emergency response services.

fire hazard and mitigation analysis (FHMA)

The flagship of BakerRisk’s extensive suite of fire protection services is our Fire Hazard and Mitigation Analysis (FHMA) methodology. This unique service area combines the real-world experience of BakerRisk’s fire protection experts with the proven rigor of our fire and hydraulic modeling tools to assess the consequences of fire scenarios, the adequacy and reliability of available protection features, and the emergency response capabilities to respond to a fire event.

Although many recommended practices, including API RP 2001, reference performing a “Fire Hazard Analysis” as a step toward improving mitigation and response, we have designed a process to aid you in defining what “good” looks like based on your specific needs. Our FHMAs can be easily updated as changes are made and allow for adjustments to accommodate dynamic changes in plant operations.

Curious to learn more? A summary of key FHMA best practices is located in our downloadable document below.

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Key Fire Hazard Analysis Outputs:

  • Determine maximum firewater demand through hydraulic modeling of realistic firewater applications
  • Confirm appropriate firewater coverage based on quantitative review of design basis fire case scenarios
  • Determine locations with inadequate firewater coverage, accounting for both mobile and fixed systems
  • Assess passive fire protection throughout the facility and identify gaps based on modeling and/or prescriptive recommended practices
  • Develop fire pre-plans based on quantitative fire results and integrated emergency response capabilities and procedures

Fire Protection Consultation

BakerRisk’s team of fire protection consultants have extensive expertise in specifying, designing, and testing an array of protection systems for onshore and offshore facilities, as well as various other special applications. They possess an in-depth knowledge of all relevant fire protection codes, standards, and practices and leverage that expertise alongside proprietary modeling tools to develop and implement practical, cost-effective protection strategies for client facilities.

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Services include:

  • Fire protection design reviews and system specifications for new projects
  • Identification of fire hazards and cost-effective fire protection strategies for new plants and plant expansions
  • Firewater system testing and fire pump performance testing according to the NFPA 25 Standard
  • Assessment of inherently safer practices like spacing, layout, confinement reduction, and material substitution to minimize risks
  • Evaluation of fire suppression systems, fireproofing, and gap analysis, alongside optimization of fire detection and suppression equipment layout
  • Quantification of system degradation and capacity via Hydraulic Gradient Analyses and Maximum Firewater Demand Evaluations
  • Third-party fire protection evaluations adhering to company standards and industry practices
  • OSHA compliance assessments

Emergency Response Planning

BakerRisk has extensive expertise in consequence and risk modeling, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of how best to understand, mitigate, and respond to hazards from typical scenarios to worst-case events. By collaborating with site and corporate management teams to gather site-specific data on potential emergencies and their consequences, BakerRisk provides a variety of services to help mitigate impacts, determine actions, and more.

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Services include:

  • Identifying credible scenarios for designing emergency response plans through a BakerRisk facility workshop supplemented by team experience and applicable consequence and risk study results
  • Facilitating emergency response training exercises and simulations
  • Auditing of emergency response role assignments, existing plans, and procedures
  • Developing and/or improving existing emergency response plans
  • Training emergency response teams and advising corporate crisis management
  • Reviewing emergency control and isolation systems to ensure post-incident safety
  • Designing Shelter-in-Place vs. evacuation procedures for non-critical personnel

Our Expertise

Certifications and industry partners.

BakerRisk’s Fire Protection consultants possess in-depth knowledge of relevant fire protection codes, standards, and practices. Many of our staff serve on applicable standards committees and are degreed fire protection engineers, have Professional Engineering registrations, are Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators (CFEI), and are members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and American Petroleum Institute (API). We utilize our experience and team with your subject matter experts to review effective protection schemes and, where improvements are warranted, provide cost-effective solutions to mitigate potential fire exposures.

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Our fire hazard analysis software.

FireHAT© is a proprietary modeling tool used to support our Fire Hazard and Mitigation Analysis (FHMA) methodology. By supplementing our Fire Protection Professionals’ knowledge through a powerful graphical interface, FireHAT© vividly illustrates a facility’s fire hazards and mitigation capabilities by displaying the consequences of a process unit fire with the coverage capabilities of fixed fire protection systems.

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Evaluate coverage of fixed firewater systems or other “first response” assets intended to control the spread and limit the escalation of a fire.


Calculate maximum firewater demand based on existing and recommended fixed and mobile firewater coverage determinations.


Review a facility’s firewater supply and delivery capabilities based on expected response, demand determination, and fire duration.

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Identify gaps in firewater coverage based on identified potential fire scenarios and installed firewater system capabilities.


Generate crucial data supporting the creation of fire pre-plans.


Seamlessly integrate with BakerRisk’s other software packages, SafeSite3G© and QRATool©, to allow inputs and results to be imported from one software to another.

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