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Our Approach

BakerRisk’s business interruption risk methodology.

Business interruption risk studies often arise from questions regarding potential business losses. However, previous assessments, such as facility siting studies (FSSs) or quantitative risk assessments (QRAs), can be leveraged to expedite the analysis.

BakerRisk’s BI methodology supports a tiered approach from high-level screening of site-wide risk drivers to progressively finer levels of detail, which can be explored from a site or company-level perspective. In addition, our state-of-the-art software programs allow us to efficiently analyze a wide range of accident scenarios and business interruption targets.

These tools, as well as the vulnerability data for key pieces of equipment and buildings, are supported by BakerRisk’s extensive testing programs and experience in incident investigations.

We get results

Benefits of business interruption risk services.

BakerRisk has a team of business interruption risk experts with over 50 years of cumulative experience analyzing and quantifying BI risks at a wide range of operations. Deliverables can be based on qualitative, consequence-focused methods, or we can use our powerful modeling software to produce a risk-based evaluation of business interruption exposures.

Our risk-based deliverables are tailored to your specific needs to support your decision-making framework. Risk results are provided in the form of frequency-dollar (F$) curves and tables that identify high-risk scenarios or equipment/buildings that incur high risk. If intolerable levels of BI risk are identified, BakerRisk will work with you to reduce business interruption risks by brainstorming creative ways to minimize losses and reduce recovery time estimates.

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Minimize losses

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Reduce Recovery Time

Our Specialists

Meet our business interruption risk experts.