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What we offer

BakerRisk’s insurance risk expertise allows us to efficiently assist with the following:

  • Construction/erection all-risk (CAR/EAR) evaluations, also known as Builder’s Risk Evaluations
  • Specific, topic-focused “deep dive” evaluations of mechanical integrity, PSM, Safe Work practices, Operational Discipline / Conduct of Operations, etc.
  • Peril-specific evaluations for natural perils such as earth movements, floods, hail, lightning, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, severe windstorms, wildfires, and winter storms
  • Business continuity evaluations to identify key exposures or weaknesses that may hinder a client’s recovery after a property damage event. Evaluations consider factors such as business interruption (BI), contingent business interruption (CBI), extra expense (EE), ingress/egress, service interruption, and supply chain analysis, as well as inward looks at potential company interdependencies
  • Protective system evaluations focused on areas such as safety instrumented functions, fire protection systems (both active and passive), fire and gas detection coverage and adequacy/reliability, emergency response capabilities, etc.
  • Loss estimate studies, such as Estimated Maximum Loss (EML), Probable Maximum Loss (PML), etc.
  • Mechanical breakdown evaluations


What do our customers have to say?

“BakerRisk handles their business with professionalism and demonstrates expertise throughout each and every assignment. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company has benefited and continues to benefit from a long-term partnership with BakerRisk. Their expertise is an essential component in our insurance program.”

Rondy SpardellaInsurance & Claims Manager, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP


Advanced software to effectively determine worst-case loss.

BakerRisk’s proprietary MaxLoss© software allows users to efficiently and accurately assess potential maximum loss events based on various user-defined potential loss scenarios. Through an intuitive map-based Graphical User Interface, MaxLoss© allows risk professionals to quickly define a variety of loss scenarios, including business interruption impacts, equipment replacement, labor availability, and more. Key features and client advantages include:

  • Utilization of traditional TNT Equivalency approach for Vapor Cloud Explosion analyses
  • Implementation of BakerRisk’s methodology to improve confidence in TNT Equivalency Calculations
  • Direct input or automated calculation of source parameters via an integrated discharge model
  • Static loss estimates
  • “Drifted” analysis, which computes property damage at thousands of analysis shift locations and reports worst-case scenarios

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