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BakerRisk uses the ANSYS LS-DYNA and CSi SAP2000 nonlinear modeling software programs to represent a wide variety of dynamic problems, including structures subjected to blast and impact loading.


blast load and projectile impact response

Non-linear simulation of the dynamic response of walls, roof structures, frames, doors, and windows to applied blast loads. Models can include high-order effects such as interaction of the blast wave with the structure, passive resistance of air behind the structure, membrane effects, complex material behaviors such as strain rate enhancement, and thermally dependent properties.


Blast propagation within and around buildings

Used to calculate blast pressures when simple modeling tools are inadequate, such as within a complex geometry of multiple rooms or rooms with multiple openings. Also used to generate blast loads when the loading profile is highly non-uniform, for close standoff conditions.

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Impact of projectiles on structural members

Alternative to simple handbook methods for predicting fragment and projectile penetration through barricades and walls.


Response of equipment to blast or impact loads

Useful in evaluating equipment with complex geometries in scenarios such as accidental dropping, vehicle impact, and blast wave engulfment.


Human response to blunt object impacts

Simulates the response of a human surrogate subjected to debris impacts or blast acceleration and provides estimates of injury levels.


Modal analysis using response spectra

Evaluates structures or equipment using traditional eigenvalue and eigenvector methods to satisfy building code provisions.


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BakerRisk uses LS-DYNA and SAP2000 to cost-effectively solve the most complex analytical challenges, yielding greater efficiency, lower levels of conservatism, and a higher level of confidence in the design solutions we provide to our clients. BakerRisk’s FEA team can tackle any problem and provide significant benefits to any facility or industry.

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