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Biofuel risk reduction.

Over the last few decades, recorded biofuel-related incidents have occurred in solid materials handling and drying all the way to finished products. We have performed risk analyses for more than 20 global biofuel sites and are in the process of supporting our clients in transitioning their facilities to biofuels. Our experts serve on numerous NFPA (68/69, 652, 654) and API (752/753/756) committees, and we are a member of the RNG Coalition. Coupled with decades of experience in risk management, they are uniquely qualified to support the biofuel production and distribution industry.

With the rise in production and use of biofuels, the associated hazards with the feedstocks, production processes, and products must be assessed. Biofuels are a result of diverse feedstocks and production processes, but throughout the biofuel industry, there is potential for fire, explosions, and/or toxic-related hazards. It is important to understand the properties of the feedstock material, the respective process, and the properties of the product so the process can be designed to ensure a safe operation.

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