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Why us?

BakerRisk has unparalleled experience in understanding and managing hazards.

Through significant investments in Research & Development, BakerRisk has discovered and implemented some truly remarkable hazard evaluation methods. We take pride in sharing these techniques with our clients through training courses and risk assessments.

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What do our customers have to say?

“This training was very helpful in actually seeing demonstrations of what a dispersion is in reality not only on contours on a screen or in a report and also hearing and seeing and feeling the the various fires and VCEs as well. Some of the more surprising things I found was seeing the dispersion in action from several different mechanisms both the PSV, a horizontal representing the pipeline rupture or something similar as well as a loose flange. As a former project guy that can certainly see how a loose flange for example could happen so it’s very helpful to actually see all those different mechanisms in action and be able to translate those to what I’ve seen as far as contours go. Very helpful class, the instructors were very knowledgeable. I thought everything was well paced and I would do it again.”

Davis MooreRisk Control Engineer at Valero

“The tests were awesome a really good display of a flash fire and a over pressure situation caused by congestion.”

Al Eiken Process Safety Management, Johnson & Johnson

“You hear a lot of words being thrown around such as ‘leak’ or ‘half-inch,’ it doesn’t really seem like it would be that large, but when you’re actually out there in person standing just over a hundred yards away, you can feel the heat on your body, you can see the equipment failing… it’s a very unique experience.”

Ben ASenior Process Safety Engineer at Chevron Phillips

“Even after more than 35 years in industry, this course gave me a new appreciation of the hazards associated (with) flammables released from small diameter piping.”

Z SmithProcess Safety Professional at Marathon Petroleum

The Wilfred E. Baker Test Facility

Bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Modeling hazards on a computer is one thing — but feeling the heat of a fire and the power of a vapor cloud explosion in person? That’s a whole different story. We’ve been diving into these incidents for decades, and now, thanks to our Wilfred E. Baker test facility, we’ve turned all that knowledge into practical solutions for our clients. Curious? See how in our brand new video!

Customized Courses

We offer courses tailored to your needs.

While BakerRisk offers a range of pre-packaged courses, we recognize that the most effective courses incorporate your company’s specific hazards, incidents, and lessons learned. Please contact us to discuss how we can custom-tailor courses to fit your company’s needs, each of which can be delivered via face-to-face, distance, or blended (hybrid) learning methods. Your course may include:


Classroom Training

Courses may be offered at your site or a BakerRisk location, depending on the course or your needs.

Demonstration and Simulation

Utilize demonstrations to give a 
first-hand feel of hazards through simulations.

Case Studies

Case studies using real scenarios, including role play, so participants can apply their new training.