BakerRisk containerized syngas test at the Box Canyon Test Facility.


Reducing explosion and fire hazard risk.

BakerRisk’s fire and explosion protection experts are well-equipped to maximize facility safety, no matter what specific services you may require, and we always follow industry best practices. We help you analyze and mitigate explosion hazards with services such as:

  • Explosion Analysis for Piping and Flare Systems (NFPA 67)
  • Vented Deflagration Analysis (NFPA 68) – including vent panel and enclosure design
  • Specification of Explosion Prevention Systems (NFPA 69)
  • Test Cell Structural Design
  • Reactor Containment Design
  • FEA and CFD Analysis of Complex Geometries
  • Testing of Vent Panel and Enclosure Design

Our Contributions

Standard setters and trusted partners.

Our involvement with the standards developed by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Explosion Protection Committee goes well beyond participation on the committee. We have contributed critical test data that has been leveraged by the Explosion Protection Committee over the past two decades to improve and validate the correlations within the relevant NFPA standards.  As a result of active involvement in this committee, our professionals have developed an intimate understanding of the tools and techniques available for analyzing internal explosion hazards.

NFPA 67 – Guide on Explosion Protection for Gaseous Mixtures in Pipe Systems

NFPA 68 – Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting

NFPA 69 – Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems

EN 14491 Dust Explosion Venting Systems

EN 14994 Gas Explosion Venting Protective Systems


What do our customers have to say?

“When we worked with BakerRisk, three items stood out. They have honed their tools over the years and continue to do so with data collection from real-world testing. The team has actual field experience, so they understand how to apply recommendations. They approach the client as part of their team and integrate well with other complementary skills/backgrounds.  In summary, I was pleased with the overall approach taken by the BakerRisk team, satisfied with the communication throughout, and most importantly with how thorough (and patient) they were when reviewing the final report and recommendations.  I look forward to working with BakerRisk on future risk assessment projects and would not hesitate to suggest others do the same.”


Test Videos

Examples of BakerRisk’s vented deflagration testing.

Our Specialists

Meet our explosion protection experts.