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Oil and Gas

Serving clients in the petroleum and natural gas sectors.

BakerRisk’s team members enhance the safety and efficiency of oil and gas operations. Our comprehensive solutions range from quantitative risk assessments to consequence modeling, all performed by professionals with decades of experience in proactively mitigating oil and gas hazards. Additionally, we offer consultancy services to provide clients with customized solutions for asset integrity management, incident investigation, and more. Oil and gas is our original sector of service, and it’s one we continue to set standards for today.

Our oil and gas clients.

Petrochemicals and chemicals

Services for clients in the chemical sector.

BakerRisk leverages our collective expertise to assist our clients in the petrochemical and specialty chemical operations sector. We offer a range of services to help mitigate potential hazards and ensure regulatory compliance for years to come, such as consequence modeling, quantitative risk assessments, and more. Our team helps petrochemical organizations optimize operations, maintain high safety standards, and prioritize potential risks within petrochemical facilities and in surrounding industrial worksites.

Our petrochemical and specialty chemical clients.


Process safety for hydrogen facilities and transporters.

BakerRisk leads the industry in understanding hydrogen safety risks and mitigating those hazards for clients around the world. In our partnerships, we help our clients understand unique hydrogen, fire, and explosion hazards, as well as assist with minimizing material compatibility issues for hydrogen supply chains. Our extensive industry experience equips us to offer comprehensive guidance on industrial engineering systems and practices to facilitate the safe manufacturing, storage, and delivery of hydrogen products and fueling stations. As reputable members of the Center for Hydrogen Safety and Hydrogen Safety Panel, we continue to develop and evolve hydrogen safety standards and grow this increasingly important industry.

Our hydrogen clients


How we serve the ammonia industry.

Ammonia is an important and effective hydrogen carrier, but it brings unique challenges – for example, ammonia is an acute toxic inhalation hazard. At BakerRisk, we offer a variety of related safety services to clients such as ammonia producers and consumers, including the design of toxic shelters from ammonia and ammonia-related hazards, intensive materials testing, and consequence analyses. In addition, BakerRisk can assist your organization with research and development programs and industrial optimization efforts, such as the investigation of alternative hydrogen carriers like methanol.

Our ammonia industry clients.

Renewables and Energy

Services for the renewable sector.

With biofuel production growing as an industry, it’s more important than ever for your organization to be protected against fire and explosive risks. Biofuels produced by farmland, bioreactors, distillation processes, and elsewhere can introduce numerous hazards to facilities and worksites. BakerRisk’s team has decades of extensive experience evaluating those hazards, testing worksites for vulnerabilities and solutions, and mitigating risks. We also support clients through the process of switching to biofuel production, storage, transportation, and/or usage. Ultimately, our team is capable of helping your organization manage any biofuel-related risks.

Our biofuel clients.

Aerospace and automotive

Services for aerospace and automotive clients.

Many aerospace and automotive companies turn to BakerRisk for their process safety and risk management needs. In the aerospace sector, our team can tackle tasks like risk identification, causal factor assessments, and proactive risk management. We perform services like battery/BESS risk assessment, flammable and explosion hazard identification, testing and R&D, and much more for our automotive clients. In both of these sectors, you can count on our team to help you manufacture products, stay in compliance with evolving industry regulations, and much more.

Our aerospace and automotive clients.


Process safety for manufacturing clients.

In the manufacturing sector, BakerRisk’s personnel can help facilities and worksites anticipate, understand, and prevent common industrial hazards, such as fires, explosive risks, and toxic offgas events. Through quantitative risk assessments, consequence modeling, and other analytic techniques, our team can provide you with actionable insights and process safety plans to empower you to safeguard your personnel and critical equipment.

Our manufacturing clients.

Government and military

How we serve government and military clients.

BakerRisk extensively supports government and military entities by providing comprehensive risk management solutions and engineering expertise tailored to these clients’ unique needs. By leveraging our experience in structural design and explosive safety in many different industries, the BakerRisk team can assist government agencies and military organizations in mitigating common risks associated with their infrastructure, facilities, and operations. Advanced risk techniques and solutions designed to enhance resilience and protect assets and personnel are available through thorough consultations.

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Explosives safety siting

  • Quantity-distance siting
  • Detailed analyses
  • Protective construction

Blast resistant design tools

  • SafeSite 3G
  • QRATool
  • RMTool

Structural solutions

  • FORTRESS blast-resistant buildings
  • Shock and Fragment Enclosure (SAFE)
  • RIGID blast-resistant pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs)

Protective building design


Process hazard analysis

Our government and military clients.


Transportation risk assessments and more.

BakerRisk’s team has leveraged our extensive knowledge and unique skill sets to determine consequences and risks associated with the transportation of hazardous materials. Over the years, we’ve worked with clients to develop and evaluate effective mitigation options, performed mechanical integrity testing, and assisted with post-incident investigations. Our expertise, experience, and computational tools can help your organization quantify transportation accident consequences and risks regardless of transportation method, such as pipeline, truck, rail, or ship.

Our transportation clients.