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How BakerRisk helps you safeguard your facilities.

Due to our first-hand exposure to accidents, BakerRisk knows the importance of understanding the factors and causes that lead to hazardous events.  We have designed our fully integrated software tools to take these details into account, and we support the continued development of analytical models by leveraging our world-class testing and R&D programs. BakerRisk’s proprietary software SafeSite3G© is a comprehensive package that can characterize what happens in the event of a release (source term modeling), determine the rate of release and how far the material could travel (dispersion), and predict what happens when it ignites (fire or explosion) or does not ignite (toxic).  Once the impacts of a potential event are determined, SafeSite3G© enables our consequence analyses to go one step further by quantifying the vulnerability of personnel to a given event whether they are indoors (structural response) or outdoors.

Consequence analyses we offer:

  • Flammable and toxic gas dispersion
  • Thermal radiation exposure
  • Consequence or dispersion/thermal radiation modeling for PSV/PRVs, atmospheric vents, and flares
  • Liquid spill and flow distances
  • Vapor cloud explosion
  • Runaway reaction and decomposition modeling
  • Bursting pressure vessel (BPV) / boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion (BLEVE) modeling including explosion, fireball, and vessel fragmentation impacts
  • Building structural response
  • Structural component damage (windows, doors, key structural elements, etc.)
  • Malicious actions
  • Occupant vulnerabilities for a full range of hazards

Our Contributions

Providing consequence analysis expertise to industries worldwide.

BakerRisk’s engineers have performed comprehensive consequence analysis studies for a wide range of global facilities, including, but not limited to, refineries, gas plants, LNG and LPG operations, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities, and oil and gas wells, as well as ammonia/fertilizer, hydrogen, biofuels, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and pulp and paper plants. BakerRisk’s expertise in hazard and risk management services has earned us a role in numerous committees for industry standards, including “Lead Author Under Contract” in collaboration with the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) for several guideline books.

Guidelines for vapor cloud explosion, pressure vessel burst, BLEVE, and flash fire hazards

Guidelines for evaluating process plant buildings for external explosions, fires, and toxic releases

Guidelines for determining the probability of ignition of a released flammable mass

Guidelines for facility siting and layout


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Advanced consequence analysis modeling.

SafeSite3G© is a comprehensive consequence analysis suite capable of simulating the effects of a variety of hazardous scenarios on several types of buildings, equipment, and personnel, including:

  • Chemical discharge/dispersion
  • Pool spread and volatilization
  • Jet/pool fires and fireballs
  • Vapor cloud explosions
  • Other explosion hazards (bursting pressure vessels, dust explosions, firebox explosions, etc)

Unlike other consequence analysis software, SafeSite3G© is ideally suited for performing facility siting studies. By providing more than just hazard zones and personnel vulnerability calculations, SafeSite3G© can efficiently perform study updates for layout and process changes or be utilized for master planning to minimize future facility risk exposures. BakerRisk’s proprietary software and experienced experts work to ensure you can identify the risks and have confidence in the safety of your personnel and critical assets.

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